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When booking your holiday, protecting yourself is important; once you leave the UK, the free Health Service you receive will stop. If you decide to travel without insurance and suffer from an accident or injury, there is a possibility of a large bill for treatment.

Travel Insurance not only covers medical costs but also provides additional cover for cancelled holidays, delays, lost luggage and the like. Cover may also be considered for pre-existing medical conditions.

As the Covid-19 pandemic has shown, travel insurance is an absolute necessity for any trip abroad. It should be taken out as soon as you have booked any trip abroad - only then are you immediately covered for an array of circumstances.

As a tour operator, under current legistation, we are not allowed to sell travel insurance. As travel policies do vary hugely in their protection, it is indeed best for you to seek out the travel insurance that serves you best.

We do make travel insurance a condition of booking - for your protection. At the time of booking, On Site Events strongly recommend taking out a travel insurance policy. If you have your own policy with another provider, we do require you to provide us with the details of your policy (insurance company name, contact number / policy number)

Some rely on the EHIC European Health Insurance card. This is a good start but simply cannot replace the wide scope of a good travel insurance. Also, this basic cover will be phased out after due to Brexit. However, for the moment, the EHIC card is still valid to use until its' expiry date.

The new post Brexit health card is the Global Health Insurance Card and you can freely register for this card on line at



Enjoy a safe, secure holiday.

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